Natasha was running around on the bed and got tangled in the tassels and it pissed her off.

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did somebody say food? by HeleneHundu

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My ratties were being super sweet and just wanted to cuddle with me. :)

I swear sometimes I feel like they are psychic, because I really needed this after my blahhh day at work today.

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Happy ValRatentines Day from Ruby & Belle.

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Blue by Izusa

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Quinto: Silly rat, carrots are for eating! 

Atlas: What is this tomfoolery you speak of? They’re obviously for stacking on one’s head! 

(Look at those gorgeous whiskers! And Atlas has much more self control than my boys do :P Submitted by tea-at-the-treedome)

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Inside an oatmeal canister by FineryandMadness

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